About Me

Hi everyone! Welcome to my Boxing for Beginners website. A couple of years ago, I started boxing at my University and fell in love with the sport. I put countless hours in and out of practice working on improving my skills, conditioning, and athleticism.

Boxing not being offered in high school paired with me growing up in a small town left me being completely new to boxing when I started college. I became dedicated to the sport and spent a lot of time training in the gym and doing home workouts in my basement. With all the hard work I put in, I was given the opportunity to be the Captain of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s boxing club my Junior year of college. That title comes with the responsibility of running a weekly class for people who have been boxing for less than one semester. I have instructed around 100 students who were completely new to boxing. I have seen many common mistakes, heard many similar questions, and witness a LOT of improvement.

Other commitments have restricted my ability to dedicate myself to coaching, but I still want to give back.

Over the years, I have learned a lot about striking, head movement, footwork, and reading my opponent. I am by no way a boxing expert, but I want to give a unique point of view on common problems, and mindsets beginners can have. Since I am still learning and training, I want to offer insight and provide tips and techniques that can help you learn the basics and continue to grow with me.

A Little Story About My Sports Background

Growing up, I was always a little smaller than everyone else. Although I played many sports while growing up, by the time I reached high school, soccer was the only sport I played (quite the switch to boxing right). My lack of size and strength led to many injuries throughout my life. Broken bones and knee problems in high school stalled my high school sports career. I needed two surgeries in high school from soccer-related injuries. I was becoming pretty sick of sitting on the sidelines, watching my friends improve without the constant setbacks I was experiencing.

I decided I was going to start lifting weights and getting into actual shape on my terms.

After gaining some muscle during my freshman year of college, I was still only 5′ 8″ and about 145 pounds. I was interested in getting into something to keep me motivated. An email from the boxing club on campus was what I needed. They were advertising an open workout anyone could attend. That’s all it took. I enjoyed it so much that I went out and bought the required gear shortly after. The thing I loved about it was the challenge as well as the diversity of people at the workout. The great thing about boxing is how successful you can be using your body type as an advantage. There are different weight classes for a reason, and it allows everyone to go in against someone where the only significant advantage is how hard you have trained.

Why I Want To Help

I have been completely new to this sport and have struggled to get in shape, overcome intimidation, and separate the good advice from the bad. I want to help people in my position, whether you are starting boxing for the first time or are using boxing as an excuse to start working out for the first time. Boxing for Beginners will be a resource for you to find tips, gear, advice, or answers to the embarrassing questions you don’t want to ask a coach. Much of the content I post here will be discussing form, technique, conditioning, gear, and common questions.


Crush Your Comfort Zone

Everyone is nervous to start boxing. I will help lead you in a confident direction. You can accomplish a lot in a couple of months of training. You will be amazed at what you can do.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,